Multifamily Apartment Building Access Control & Keyless Entry System

Property Security as a Marketable Amenity

Multifamily properties are embracing the latest keyless entry system for apartment buildings and advanced security technologies to differentiate their communities and deliver next-generation experiences to residents. Doing so improves curb appeal, enhances their image, generates higher rents and revenue in a competitive market, and improves operating efficiencies.

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Innovative Keyless Entry System For Apartments

Kastle Systems’ innovative philosophy of managed security as an amenity includes a keyless entry system from the garage to the lobby, the elevator to the roof deck, and the fitness room to the apartment unit – all using a single credential (traditional access card, key fob, or smartphone-based digital key via KastleResident™) that works everywhere within the community. The result? Multifamily property security and apartment access control that’s intuitive, comprehensive, convenient and desirable for residents.

Our technical security experts are available 24×7 to provide ongoing technical support services to the design and development of security, environmental, and access control systems offered to property managers to ensure optimal performance.

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Not Just More Convenient, More Secure

The move from metal keys to an electronic access credential-based system means that you regain control of access, regulate who and when individuals have access to spaces, and have an audit trail of entry activity. These benefits make you and your property team smarter, enhance the security that you deliver, and reduce expenses associated with traditional mechanical locks like cylinder replacement and re-keying.

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Streamline Apartment Access Control With Our Single Database System

Managing all of your security with a single database and a single system makes your team smarter and more efficient. Kastle’s myKastle Multifamily web portal streamlines workflows including onboarding a new resident, extending a lease date, modifying access rights, replacing credentials, managing visitors, issuing temporary day passes, remotely unlocking doors for a stranded resident, temporarily adjusting door lock schedules or running audit reports. Fewer clicks and one system means less time focused on a computer screen and more time focused on attracting the best residents and keeping them happy. No wonder Kastle Systems has become the fastest growing multifamily property security services provider nationwide.

Solutions for Multifamily Property Management Security

Kastle offers a complete range of real estate security solutions and integrated services to ensure the safety and protection of your property, your residents, your employees, and your valuable assets.