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hybrid workplace transition
How Kastle Helped A Client Transition to A Hybrid Workplace

Read how Kastle clients are leveraging their access control technology and bring ...

control office occupancy
The Best Ways to Control Office Occupancy Levels

KastleSafeSpaces is a simple way to help commercial property managers, facility ...

Product Overview
Kastle VideoGuarding®

Kastle VideoGuarding® can boost your security without increasing headcount on-s ...

Product Overview
Kastle Remote Guarding

Kastle Remote Guarding uses AI-enabled smart cameras and 24/7 real-time monito ...

day in the hybrid office
A Day in the Hybrid Office

Step into the shoes of an HR manager and an employee as they navigate the new of ...

A Day in the Hybrid Office
Is Your Office Ready to Return to Work?

No two offices have the same strategy when it comes to welcoming employees back ...

staying safe in new normal
White Papers
Staying Safe in the New Normal

Learn how business leaders are altering policies around social distancing and ot ...

post covid checklist
White Papers
The Post-Covid Workplace Access Control Checklist

Key access control technologies office managers should consider as they assess n ...

daily screening white paper
White Papers
KastleSafeSpaces Daily Screening as Easy as 1-2-3

Challenges of daily health screening that human resource professionals are faced ...