Kastle Systems Launches KastlePark

Kastle Systems Introduces First of its Kind Parking Technology Platform, Streamlining an Essential Part of Office Building Operations

WASHINGTON D.C. – September 9, 2021 – Kastle Systems announced today the launch of KastlePark, a first of its kind, cloud-based software that integrates office building and parking garage access management into one synchronized system. KastlePark enables building management, tenants and office workers to control and simplify both the access control and billing processes of a property’s parking operation. This user-identity-based platform can boost parking revenue by 5-15% and reduce operating costs by 10-30% by eliminating the inefficiencies of older legacy parking management systems. Additionally, this streamlined configuration improves the tenant experience with easier management of staff parking privileges and greater billing transparency.

“The current model for parking operations is fragmented and disjointed, resulting in a frustrating experience for users, and creating operational gaps for property managers.,” said Haniel Lynn, CEO of Kastle Systems. “We seek to revolutionize the parking industry by providing building management with a cost-effective means to revamp their office parking procedures with a more effective and simple administrative process. KastlePark is the future of parking management, and the latest offering in our expanding suite of capabilities.”

KastlePark simplifies parking by enhancing the tenant experience and building management operation with improved data visibility and greater billing accuracy, enabled by an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. The unified system also allows for seamless single credential access to the garage, building and office suite.

KastlePark has been implemented in 25 garages by JBG Smith, an S&P 400 company that owns, operates, invests in, and develops a dynamic portfolio of high-growth mixed-use properties in and around Washington, DC.

“We are thrilled to be KastlePark’s first client and we were excited to have been on the ground floor to shape the product that we believe will disrupt the industry,” said Patrick Tyrrell, Chief Administrative Officer of JBG Smith, “This is a game-changer for businesses and management teams, providing a radically straightforward solution for parking administration.”

About Kastle Systems
Kastle Systems has been leading the property technology industry since 1972 with advanced technology solutions and services, protecting commercial real estate, multi-family residential, global enterprises, educational institutions, and critical government facilities. Kastle’s state-of-the-art solutions include access control, video surveillance, visitor management and identity management, as well as a suite of mobile security applications, all integrated on an open, standards-based platform and supported by a team of experts 24x7x365. Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, Kastle is on Silicon Review’s 2021 Five Best Security Companies to Watch list.


For more information about KastleSafeSpaces, KastleAccess or any of the other advanced security innovations from Kastle Systems, contact Jake Heinz, Chief Marketing Officer at [email protected].

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