Building Security Solutions

Building Security Solutions

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Touchless Access

The most convenient way to unlock secured doors – no hands required – using a mobile app and a Bluetooth signal. State-of-the-art dynamic keys mean the same encrypted signal is never used twice, for the safest, smartest building access control, ever.

Visitor Management

KastleVisitor® delivers highly efficient visitor management. From enabling visitor registration from Outlook or Gmail, to emailing user-friendly barcodes for faster check-in, “KFO” securely pre-authorizes visitor access and decreases lobby congestion – vital for the office health in the era of COVID-19.

Visitor Access Management

Provide pre-authorized and secured visitor access.

Visitor Health Screenings

Health screen visitors in advance of their appointment.

Touchless Elevators

Eliminates Hand Contact – Mobile phone app provides all elevator controls for destination selection.

Enforces Safe Occupancy – KastlePresence app only displays floors to which the user has authorized access.

Moves Occupants Faster – Faster floor selection directly from cell phone reduces elevator lobby congestion around the kiosk.

Identity Management

An open industry specification for securely connecting access control systems to other cloud-based systems.


Parking Services

KastlePark is an integrated solution that enhances your parking operation.

Easier reporting & lower operation cost – Increased savings and efficiency

Faster On & Off Boarding – For both employees and visitors.

Video Verification  – Visually verify access activity of parking credential use.


Case Studies

Crayton Advisors

Kastle was able to implement multiple security amenities — including keyless entry, video surveillance and efficient visitor management — seamlessly across multiple buildings.



The Wharf

Kastle was the only video security company able to overcome this client’s unique challenges. Our custom solution included a video wall in their command center and AI-driven video analytics.



Kastle Overview

A glimpse of Kastle’s highlights, service model, solutions, and benefits.

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