Significant Cost Reduction and Better Security for Scrap Yards


Lee Iron and Metal Company is a familyowned and operated scrap metal recycler in North Carolina. Owners Scot and Robyn Carpenter previously utilized a security guard service during non-business hours. However, while on duty, the yard faced frequent thefts and incidents. Looking to eliminate these incidents, Lee Iron and Metal Company chose Kastle Systems’ Remote Video Guarding for better security for their operations—at a reduced cost.

Kastle Systems designed a customized security system to meet the unique needs of Lee Iron and Metal Company, as well as to protect their valuable assets. Through the utilization of existing cameras and infrastructure—installation costs were reduced. Where no camera coverage had previously existed, additional cameras were installed for increased protection.

Kastle Systems and Lee Iron and Metal Company worked together to create security policies and procedures to meet the recycler’s needs. With Kastle’s Remote Video Guarding , smart cameras detect intruders and alert the Kastle Operations Center in real time. Operators visually verify alarms and issue audio challenges to intruders, via loudspeakers. Based on the set policies and procedures, yard management and local police are contacted if an intruder remains in the yard.

Intrusion snapshots are emailed to a pre-approved list of management and personnel. For convenience, live and recorded video feeds are always available to Lee Iron and Metal Company through any web-enabled device.

Lee Iron and Metal Company has experienced zero theft losses since Kastle’s Remote Video Guarding was implemented. What’s more, they are saving a significant 89 percent per month, as compared to their previous security guard service expenses.

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