The Value of a Dedicated Account Team


The growing complexity of security technology requires a level of expertise and dedication to operate effectively and efficiently. It eats up a lot of property staff time and attention to run and maintain on their own, especially when something needs fixing.  Chasing down the right vendors to resolve critical security issues is not an effective use of their time.

Having an outsourced, full-time security partner, with a dedicated account team on call is useful, not to mention faster and more efficient than asking your team to find an ad-hoc solution.  A dedicated account team serves as an essential partner for a multifamily community, providing technical ability, streamlining operations, and ensuring consistency of protection for your residents.

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Here are some important advantages of a managed security service with devoted account support:

Customized Security
Security protocols and processes are specifically tailored to fit the unique operational needs of a property, ensuring comprehensive coverage and operational efficiency.

Direct Point of Contact
Individual accountability and property knowledge ensures quick response and resolution to any arising issues or inquiries, facilitating smoother operations.

Proactive Management
Through regular reviews and updates, the security system is continuously refined to address changing requirements and counter new threats effectively.

Training and Support
The account team plays a pivotal role in onboarding new staff and offering ongoing expert advice, ensuring the property team is well-equipped to utilize the security systems to their full potential.

Increased Efficiency
This support frees up property managers to concentrate their focus and resources on other critical aspects of property management, enhancing overall productivity.

Resident Satisfaction
The reliability and consistency of security measures foster a sense of safety among residents, contributing to higher retention rates and overall satisfaction.

Reduced Cost
Dedicated oversight and committed maintenance eliminate any surprise costs of system overhauls or emergency repairs.

Peace of Mind
Knowing that the security systems are under the continuous management and monitoring of experts provides a substantial peace of mind for property managers.

Finding Your Strategic Security Partner

Kastle recognizes the specific challenges that multifamily properties face. Beyond offering state-of-the-art security technology, our managed service model includes, among other things, a dedicated account team. This approach ensures that your property benefits from ongoing expert attention and tailored support.

Partnering with Kastle means not only implementing effective security measures but also enhancing the overall living experience for residents and simplifying operations for the management team. Schedule a demo of our multifamily solutions to witness firsthand the difference a dedicated account team can make in optimizing your property’s security and operational efficiency.