Is Apartment Video Intercom Security Worth the Investment?


Managing multifamily communities like apartment complexes and condo buildings comes with the never-ending challenge of controlling operational expenses. As a property manager, you’re constantly striving to balance safety, streamline workflows, and provide an exceptional resident experience. Investing in a video intercom system can be a smart addition, as it simplifies tasks for property staff, amps up security with minimal disruption to operations, and makes life easier for residents, all while keeping expenses in check.

A video intercom can reduce day-to-day operational headaches like processing visitors, overseeing package deliveries, staffing additional lobby security guards, and more. Learn more about how you can maximize your profitability and minimize your workload with our complete apartment video intercom system.

Reduced Workload for Apartment Property Staff

These video intercom systems can make it easy for residents and property managers alike to control visitor access. Residents become empowered to manage their own deliveries and visitor entry without having to rely on staff members. This makes life easier for residents and allows property staff to spend less time on routine access requests so they can focus on helping with legitimate security concerns. Our Kastle Videocom connects to both the main property management administrative portal for staff and the KastleResident app for tenants, allowing for seamless and integrated operation for both administrators and end users.

Enhanced Security for Residents and Staff

Installing a video intercom system improves the security of an apartment building or condominium in multiple ways.

First, a video-enabled system allows residents to positively confirm the identity, at point of entry request, of all guests and delivery professionals before granting them access. This means fewer unauthorized individuals have access to the building, reducing the risk for residents and staff members. Second, there is a dramatically reduced need for in-lobby, live security guards that inflate management overhead costs. This added technology provides both savings and constant surveillance without the need for 24-hour staffing.

Convenient Remote Visitor Management

A robust video intercom, like Kastle Videocom, enables residents to provide entry to approved visitors, friends, family members, and delivery personnel, even when they are not physically present in the building. Residents love the convenience of not having to be home every time they are expecting a visitor. This also eliminates the need for residents to remember to notify the building staff in advance when they are expecting a visitor. Remote access control of the entry empowers residents to manage apartment visits even when they are away for pet care, cleaning, or repairs, giving them peace of mind and control over their space.

Passive Deterrent to Criminal Activity

While general video surveillance actively deters crime, a video intercom at any perimeter entrance of an apartment or condo property also serves as a passive deterrent. Potential intruders scouting for theft or vandalism will spot the video equipment and immediately grasp that access is continuously monitored. This awareness typically prompts them to leave without incident, knowing their actions are being recorded. In case of an issue, having this evidence readily available aids the police in identifying culprits. This surveillance equipment not only provides added security but also instills a sense of security among residents in their living spaces.

Flexible Recording Capability

The Kastle Videocom records and stores all access events to provide video evidence in case of security incidents or suspicious activity. Only the building management team will have access to this footage to ensure it stays secure unless law enforcement requests it as part of an investigation. Quality video recordings, complete with timestamps and audio, can make all the difference in a dispute. This video could also be integrated with broader property-wide surveillance footage using advanced systems like KastleVideo.

Two-Way Communication

Residents can communicate with outside guests without opening the door. If your residents aren’t sure who they’re dealing with, they can easily alert building security or the police. Installing an apartment video intercom reduces unnecessary contact with strangers and ensures greater security, especially for older or disabled residents.

Integration With Access Control Systems

While Kastle Videocom employs a two-way video and audio connection, it can also integrate with other existing access control systems, like KastleResident, for one seamless property-wide perimeter access solution. Condominium and apartment buildings with high-value residences benefit from combining these intercoms with key cards or mobile device credentials for individual access rights tied to their resident property profile. Residents and staff can also easily create unique PINs and QR codes to grant one-time or limited-time access. Once the access codes have expired, there’s no need to worry that anyone else could use them to enter the building or individual units.

Easy and Accurate Visitor Logging

The best apartment video intercom systems offer features that help you log important visitor information. At the very least, you’ll want timestamps and images saved for each visitor accessing the building. Visitor logging is a valuable way to determine who may have taken a package or damaged part of the building if such an issue arises. Our system helps connect resident concerns and issues noted by the building management team to help you solve problems as efficiently as possible.

Kastle is proud to be the leader in managed security for apartment complexes and other commercial real estate properties. Discover what we can do to help secure your properties and reduce the overhead for security labor with modern video intercom systems.

Contact us today to discuss your options and get custom recommendations for your apartment buildings, condominiums, and other types of multifamily real estate. We can find multiple ways for you to tighten up your property management methods while also increasing security and improving resident satisfaction.


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