Enabling Biotech to Thrive

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Tanika J. Majette is a modern place maker of the hybrid office. As Director of Facilities Management for Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), the world’s largest biotech trade association, she led their headquarters move to a new, 62,000 square foot modern workplace in Washington DC, and made it something special. Her goal? “We want office space that’ll be our home away from home”, says Tanika.

And that she did, as she was featured in Blueprint Magazine’s recent issue in a case study showcasing her accomplishment. We at Kastle were fortunate to assist such a dynamic and creative client in achieving her workplace vision.

“People create best when they are in a space where they can feel their best,” she reminds. “They’re going to love this space.”

She looked to Kastle to help deliver that place, from design to implementation, securing the entire location with our advanced cloud-based access control. But just as important, we provided BIO the service team that monitors and maintains the system performance.

“It’s indispensable for any organization,” Majette says. “Any place where there’s a large gathering of people, you’ve got to keep it secure. We prioritize the safety and security of our workforce, and we are confident the new space meets our objectives.”

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