Protest Preparedness Checklist

Civil Unrest Preparedness Checklist for Clients

  • Revisit your security hours and consider changing them to locked and monitored 24/7 for the rest of this week to limit building access. Please contact your customer service team to make this change.
  • If you are not planning to alter the building’s security hours, test your lockdown capability with Kastle to ensure proper operation.
    • For emergency lockdown testing using Lockdown and Resume access cards:
      • Contact your Kastle Team to verify and modify card programming as necessary and schedule the emergency lockdown test.
    • For emergency lockdown testing using the KastlePresence App or myKastle mobile (
      • Ensure that you have created (and remember) your PIN for myKastle mobile/Presence.
      • Ensure that the “Building Lockdown” icon is present as a selectable icon in the App.
      • Contact your Kastle Team to schedule an emergency lockdown test.
  • Review and revise your Kastle contact lists for monitored signals.
    • Ensure we have the proper protocol and contact information by reviewing in your programmed responses in myKastle > Facilities > Contacts & Procedures.
  • View your visitors list as applicable to ensure that visitors for your company and/or other tenants are still applicable.
    • In myKastle, go to Visitors > View All Visitors to review and edit all scheduled visitor authorizations.
  • Make sure that personnel records for your tenants are still valid, and that credentials assigned to personnel are still in their possession.
    • In myKastle, go to Reports > Authorization Reports > Unused Card Report to retrieve records of those personnel who haven’t used credentials in the last 90 days.
  • Ensure that your video system:
    • is operational – history is recoverable, cameras are viewable, and those views are unobstructed.
    • can be accessed remotely.
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