Office Security

Workplace Security Starts with Access Control

A critical element in securing your business is controlling physical access to your workplace. While cyber security is a hot topic, controlling who can enter your office and when is even more important as it protects your staff, visitors, property AND your data.

A robust access control system is the foundation of an effective and efficient security operation. The ability to quickly grant or deny access is essential. Your system should sync with your employee identity information so you can immediately revoke access if necessary – like when employees are terminated. It’s critical to know what credentials are outstanding, and which are being used. Finally, for external threats, like a gunman, the capacity to lockdown access can save lives.

Businesses with old, less advanced systems run their access control on a physical computer sitting on-site, but cloud-based access systems like Kastle’s enable firms to manage access over the internet, for a single location or across multiple offices. This provides better security and more efficiency featuring:

  • Centralized data that synchronizes access rights, user identity and credentials in real time
  • Immediate provisioning — grant or revoke access rights instantly (even lock down all access)
  • Automated software updates to relieve users of the ongoing need to track, manage and install
  • Instant administrative access from anywhere
  • Reduced cyber-risk with remote data storage removed from on-site network

Video surveillance is an essential part of any security operation today because it offers a visual understanding of your property and potential security incidents. Cloud-based providers like Kastle are the most secure option in that their cameras do not provide a gateway for cyber-hacking because they are synced to the cloud, not an on-site server.

Older systems often fall short in what they provide or what they enable you to easily do. In today’s world, you need crisp, highly detailed video images to perform an operational audit or to use as evidence. You also benefit from pulling up video from anywhere, on any device, in order to quickly assess, share and utilize the situational information. Finally, searching video should be lightning fast as opposed to something that takes days and special expertise to do.

User Experience: Security should be a benefit, not a hassle. Giving employees cost-effective perks, like convenient access, is a bonus. If you have multiple offices, finding access provider that can enable a single credential to grant access across multiple locations is an important consideration. You also want to make it easier for your staff to implement visitor management for your guest calling on your office. To that end, you should consider how credentials will be distributed, how easy they are to use and how to manage those get lost or stolen. Advanced providers like Kastle offer innovative options like smartphone-based mobile credentials that can provide convenient hands-free access to users on a device they already carry all the time.

Reporting: Many businesses are required for compliance purposes to submit the access records of their offices on a monthly basis. Others may use access data to inform space usage patterns office planning or utility management. Cloud-based access control makes this easier and more accurate with a single portal with all relevant data. No need transfer data from multiple on-site systems.

Future-Proofing Your Decision

Systems must last and evolve with technology. Ensuring your devices and software are functioning and always up to date is a never-ending priority.  Selecting a cloud-based system like Kastle’s is a strong start but it’s also critical to have plans in place for monitoring and maintaining your system and security with experts to keep you up-to-date with the latest technology and software automatically, while also ensuring you hardware components continue to operate flawlessly for years to come.

Security is only as effective as the people who manage it. You can buy systems, but if you don’t have experts minding performance, how effective are they? Who fixes them? That’s where a managed security approach like Kastle’s provides the guarantee your system will stay updated for the long term and your security will be handled by the best in the business.

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