Inaugural Preparedness

Inauguration Preparedness Details and Links

We want to again, send special thanks to Executive Director, Patrick Burke, of the DC Police Foundation who provided some powerful insights on the region’s effort and what we all can do as citizen organizations to support their efforts in keeping our city safe during this period.

As promised, below is the link to Executive Director Burke’s presentation document, the presentation recording, and the MPD communication resources mentioned in the program. 

  • Access to Inauguration Preparedness presentation

  • Access to Inauguration Preparedness recording

  • Get Alerts on Your Phone
    Get updates on the 59th Presidential Inauguration from DC Government. Text INAUG2021 to 888-777 for updates on public safety, street closures, weather alerts, transit updates, and more.

  • Be aware of trends in your area: MPDC.DC.GOV

  • MPD Google Groups
    Click on the appropriate link below to join an MPD online community group. If you have any questions about a specific group, please contact the corresponding Community Outreach

First District
Official MPD-1D Community Group
Contact: Senior Sergeant Evelyn Simmons, (202) 698-0050

Second District
Official MPD-2D Community Group
Contact: Kyi Branch, (202) 715-7631

Third District
Official MPD-3D Community Group
Contact: Jacqueline Beathea, (202) 671-6604

Fourth District
Official MPD-4D Community Group
Contact: Derek Staten, (202) 715-7418

Fifth District
Official MPD-5D Community Group
Contact: Officer Arnita Hamilton, (202) 698-0289

Sixth District
Official MPD-6D Community Group
Contact: Officer Jason Medina, (202) 698-1315

Seventh District
Official MPD-7D Community Group
Contact: Carolyn L. Smith, (202) 698-0188

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