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Kastle RemoteGuarding
Proactively Confront Crime To Secure Your Jobsite
The Smarter Remote Guarding Solution

Artificial Intelligence-enhanced video detects threats more accurately than humans

Video-triggered instant alerts enable live Kastle experts to confront threats like crane climbers with audio

Secure more space and respond more quickly (and cost effectively) than a guard

As the construction industry faces its latest challenge with COVID-19, Kastle Systems and its innovation will remain a critical resource.
Greg Sassi
  |  Director of Security at Gilbane




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Employ Technology to Identify Threats
Damage or Theft Occurs

Remote Video Guarding from Kastle Systems can identify and verify threats in real time to confront activity or call law enforcement with a video verified alarm speeding police response by 5X.


Smart Event-Based Video Surveillance

  • Smart cameras and AI technology monitor live video for threats
  • Experts instantly view cameras live if a defined event is detected
  • Experts visually determine course of action in real time

Remote Video Patrol

  • Kastle experts make scheduled live video tours of all camera locations
  • Greater area covered faster than live on-site patrol services
  • Support for your existing on-site staff to extend coverage

Remote Audio Talkdown

  • Kastle experts activate on-site loudspeakers when event detected
  • Verbal warning given to trespassers BEFORE damage occurs
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Remote VideoGuarding in Action

Why Customers Are Choosing Kastle

Innovative, first-to-market
with AI-based,  cloud video solution since 2010. Recognized as best cloud solution by the Security Industry Association and Security Products.
Dual video monitoring centers UL Listed with redundant power, phone and Internet.

AI Cameras detect and sift through over
200 Million
videos per month to identify threats.
230,000 Video Alarms
are escalated and processed per month, with an average response time under 30 seconds.

Seamless access control, video, systems monitoring and management for residents, visitors & property staff nationwide

Client Use Cases

Gilbane Building

The Challenge: Trespassers climbing the Tower Crane during construction. Help restore safe environment while improving security and mitigate liability risks at job sites during the pandemic.

The Solution: Combined with artificial intelligence equipped cameras and 24x7 Security Operations Center, Kastles' VideoGuarding solution is a powerful means to detect, deter, and dispatch on vandals and trespassers. 

Wellcraft Construction

The Challenge: Appropriately Secure job sites and mitigate overall liability while containing costs. Heavy equipment and cranes on site present an attractive nuisance for thrill-seekers.

The Solution: Using Smart cameras, audio deterrent and real-time monitoring, Kastles' MobileSentry solution replaces guards after hours. Operators can respond with live audio challenge and notify site management.

Clemens Construction
Company - C3

The Challenge: Effectively secure job sites prone to theft and vandal. Hired guards had inconsistent results and were unreliable including guards falling asleep and stealing from the jobsite.

The Solution: Kastle’s Smart cameras detect intruders and transmit video from jobsite to Kastle’s 24x7 operations center and can verify unauthorized personal, dispatch police and give real-time intel to first responders.

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