KastleSafeSpaces Solutions

KastleSafeSpaces Solutions

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Touchless Access

Secure your office with a state-of-the-art access control from Kastle Systems. Nationwide, Kastle is the Leader in Managed Security, servicing over 3,600 commercial buildings and 41,000 business just like yours. Take advantage of this opportunity to extend our service to your front door, and explore the next generation of access control and cloud based solutions on your smart phone.


Touchless Elevators

Eliminates Hand Contact – Mobile phone app provides all elevator controls for destination selection.

Enforces Safe Occupancy – KastlePresence app only displays floors to which the user has authorized access.

Moves Occupants Faster – Faster floor selection directly from cell phone reduces elevator lobby congestion around the kiosk.


Health Screening

Convenient Self-Screening – Your employees can self-screen while they’re at home or when they get to the office.

Customizable Questionnaire – You can tailor the screening options for your enterprise.

Actionable Data – Use screening results to inform your daily plan of action to keep your organization healthy and safe.


Temperature Screening

The Face Temperature Scanner (FTS) is a self-service device that can be used to measure elevated temperature from a distance of about 1 ft. Compared to a handheld thermometer that requires a medical professional to manually check temperature, the FTS is a hands-off solution.


Contact Tracing

Using an access control system, such as Kastle, offices can more simply and less intrusively monitor which employees are crossing paths on the premises. This means that if an employee is ill, anyone who came in contact with that person will be promptly notified. By adding intelligent video, companies can refine the searches to an even finer degree to see who was in the closest proximity of each other.


Capacity Monitoring

Lower Capacity Means More Space – Allowing fewer people in a space provides more room for separation between occupants.

Access Control Counts Occupancy – Requiring credentials for access can record the number of entries and exits for current occupancy.

Alert Signal at Capacity – When occupant count reaches capacity, a warning signal at any further attempt discourages entry until exit occurs.


Compliance Reporting

Easily create lists of people authorized to enter the building, or specific areas, and report historical data.


Access Verification (Video Verification)

Receive automatic alerts, including video event clips. Monitor video event clips from anywhere, on any device using our cloud based video platform, or employ Kastle’s expert 24/7 monitoring team to verify alarms and increase police response times.


Remote Video Guarding

Commercial real estate profits are tight. Tenants are looking to reduce rent and building occupancy remains low. Remote VideoGuarding from Kastle expands your on-site security without increasing on-site guard staff.

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