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We live in a time of escalating threats, knowing all too well that acts of terrorism can happen anywhere, at any time. In today’s increasingly complex world, you need a safety blanket in times of crisis.

The most prepared cities, and the ones that have long faced terrorist threats, understand the value of employing advanced city surveillance camera systems. When a system like this is in place, first responders gain a tool to identify and respond quickly to unpredictable mass emergencies. All cities today are urgently building out a network of cameras – a safety blanket – to have coverage and specific situational understanding when they need it most.

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Our City Security Cameras

Program cameras are connected to municipal police departments for access during critical situations. When alerted to emergency situations or serious crimes, the police department accesses area cameras to formulate the fastest and most effective response. The municipal police departments do not monitor live camera feeds on an ongoing basis.


Kastle’s City Surveillance System Can Help

Kastle’s city surveillance program unites municipal police departments with commercial property owners, businesses, and institutions that all share a common goal – keeping their city safe. Participants can enroll their existing security cameras or request a recommendation on how to better equip their businesses with a new video system that, in turn, can be enrolled. The participant owns and has access to video from any new cameras provided by the program.

How Kastle’s City Surveillance Program Works

  • Participants enroll their existing security cameras (or have Kastle recommend and enroll a new video system)
  • Program cameras are then connected to your municipal police department for access during critical situations
  • When alerted to emergency situations or serious crimes, police access area cameras to formulate the fastest and most effective response

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