Health Screening for Visitor Management


KastleVisitor® delivers highly efficient visitor management.

  • Pre-registers visitors directly from Outlook of Gmail
  • Emails barcodes for faster touchless visitor check-in
  • Provides pre-authorized and secured visitor access
  • Health screens visitors in advance of their appointment
  • Decrease lobby congestion – vital for the office health in the era of COVID-19

How it Works

1. Schedule a Meeting

Meeting host sends Outlook or Gmail invitation to visitor and also registers that visitor by adding kastlevisitor@kastle.com to the invitation.

2. Confirm the Visitor

KastleVisitor sends an email to host with a link that opens a screen for the host to provide the visitor’s full name which pre-registers the name in the system.

3. Health Screening Emails

 Visitor automatically receives an initial email stating that a health check screen invitation will appear 8 hours prior to their scheduled check-in.

Visitor automatically receives a health screening survey 8 hours prior to meeting check-in time. The attestation prompts the visitor to agree (healthy) or disagree (unhealthy).

4. Touchless Visitor Check-in

If visitor attests to being heathy, they receive via email a QR code 1 hour before check-in which they can use to enter the workplace.

The visitor scans the code which grants appropriate/authorized access. The code is valid for one day only.


Track visitor check-ins, audit health screening responses, trace contacts and report history with KastleVisitor.