Health Screening for Visitor Management – Non-Registered Visitor


KastleVisitor® delivers highly efficient visitor management.

KastleVisitor enables the front desk staff to administer health screening protocol as a requirement for any visitor who may arrive at the workplace entrance without pre-authorization. The front desk administrator can serve the screening attestation of visitor access to ensure only healthy individuals may enter the premises. 

How it Works

1. Arrival

Visitor arrives at front desk and informs administrator of scheduled meeting details. After administrator verifies meeting details (via phone, email, text etc.) with internal staff, he/she then must administer health screening attestation.

2. Health Assessment


The administrator is presented, in addition to visitor registration details to fill in (like name, organization, who they are to meet with, what floor, duration of meeting), a series of statements to read to the visitor attesting to his/her health status.   

3. Visitor Access

If visitor agrees to the health attestation, the administrator can email or print out a unique QR code that the visitor then uses to enter the office for their meeting at their check-in time.


KastleVisitor enables user to track and include visitor health screening responses and check-ins with compliance reporting for screening audits or later contact tracing.