The Future of Building and Retail Store Security

Commercial real estate property managers and building owners today are faced with a dizzying array of security options – the newest of which focus on fully utilizing innovative and efficient technological advances. These technological advances make it easier to balance the demands of security and convenience. Since a recent McKinsey Global Institute report showed that there is a $150 billion opportunity for commercial real estate to save money on energy, security and human productivity, there is no better time than now for CRE professionals to consider upgrading existing security systems or adopting the most cutting-edge ones available for any new build.
Earlier this summer, Kastle Systems introduced KastlePresence, an innovative Internet of Things based platform which offers a myriad of benefits including hands-free access and location-based services such as a personal panic button right from the user’s phone. The platform has already been adopted by over 50 Class A office buildings across the country. KastlePresence is more secure than predecessor systems – it is actually encrypted so that each time a door is opened, the app creates a one-time-use key. The app can be downloaded and managed electronically obviating the need for cumbersome plastic cards that could be damaged or lost. KastlePresence is one example of what the future holds for building security and safety.
While we expect KastlePresence to become the new standard in building security with its adoption of smartphones and Bluetooth technology, building owners need to also consider intelligent video solutions, firewalls and visitor management software as primary steps in strengthening overall protection readiness. For as little as $2 per day, intelligent video solutions can monitor properties more efficiently and effectively than a guard service. Using a combination of video analytics and a 24/7 central monitoring station, buildings and retail operations can be monitored comprehensively and with state-of-the-art precision.
Unquestionably, security is moving to the Cloud. Indeed, cloudbased applications for security systems – offering application access from any location with an internet connection – are rapidly replacing cumbersome pre-millennial approaches. Cloud-based systems are also inherently more reliable and more cost-effective as there is less infrastructure investment required and no dependency on local technologies.
One great example of a cloud-based application for security is video monitoring. As mentioned above, intelligent video monitoring is key to securing both buildings and retail centers. Cloud-based video monitoring systems allow the user to view and manage multiple locations from anywhere on any device (mobile phone, tablet or computer). The basic principle is that when something concerning happens, that activity is captured in real-time for immediate or later viewing. Other benefits include managing the system from a single dashboard – with footage that can be easily shared and with unlimited storage capacity.
As with any access control installation, the process of choosing which doors to secure and which hardware to select must also adhere to fire and life safety regulations. But, with a cloud-based system, it is only necessary to install door hardware (readers or electronic locks wired to an intelligent door controller that connects to the cloud). This allows users to log into a computer to set up, define schedules, create access privileges and provide credentials. In addition to less upfront installation time, cloud-based access control systems require less maintenance (as all software upgrades are automatically managed by the security provider). A newer development within the security industry is the introduction of wireless locks. These locks eliminate the need for costly wiring and conduit associated with traditional wired electronic locks, and can easily and cost effectively convert a traditional metal keyed lock into electronic lock.
As urban and suburban markets continue to grow, security imperatives will increasingly demand more sophisticated and more fail-safe options for building owners and managers. Whether through secure building entry, video monitoring, visitor management solutions or other critical facets of overall site safety, real estate and retail professionals will have extraordinary opportunities to protect lives and property by delivering security as an amenity. Kastle Systems is fully focused on providing those opportunities with first-of-its-kind data and connectivity in a single, customizable and streamlined approach.

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