The 4 Key Elements of a World Class Security Approach

Protecting and securing your most valuable assets is an important responsibility as a business owner/facility manager—that’s exactly why you outsource the job to security experts. Here are four ongoing elements of a superior approach to security.

1. Find the right system design

Say you have two different buildings: One is covered with graffiti and the other isn’t. Both building security systems need electronic access control so the wrong people can’t enter. Additionally, the building with graffiti needs video surveillance equipment to see and report future vandalism—just one example of how the “right system design” can enhance your security. A smart provider not only understands the unique vulnerabilities of your particular environment but also how technology can effectively combat these vulnerabilities. What’s more, once the security system is installed, your provider has the flexibility to extend and add new capabilities to your solution as new challenges arise.

2. Utilizing technology to its fullest potential

Technology is forever evolving. Products that were cutting edge yesterday may be replaced with something more effective tomorrow. That’s why keeping current with rapidly changing technology that gives you new security capabilities must be a part of a world-class security approach. And that’s not all: Understanding how to apply those capabilities when they have merit and making sure you know how to use them to their full benefit are equally essential.

3. Human support + process

Any world-class security approach requires both a human support and a process to fully respond to an issue and ultimately close the loop of resolution. For example, if an alarm is sent notifying the system that someone is stuck in an elevator, there must be a human handler who can respond to the alarm, speak to the trapped passenger to calm him or her down, and get help. Having a responsive person on the other end and a process in place as part of your security system gives you peace of mind: You have 100 percent assurance that resolution will occur.

4. Resilient system

Have you considered what could happen if, for some reason, your security system goes down? A good security provider has a fully equipped backup plan in place for you: All your data is secured in the cloud and all signals from your system go to multiple operations centers. That means that no matter what happens, you can continue to operate as usual. A good security system should never fail.

A service provider that successfully integrates all four of these vital yet disparate parts may seem too good to be true, but that synergy is what makes Kastle stand out from the rest. In fact, the company recently earned the prestigious SDM Security Integrator of the Year Award for its strong platform for success

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