Security Plays a Role in Winning a Toby

A significant amount of work goes into creating an outstanding building, and distinguishing it within a marketplace of so many exceptional owners and managers. Excellence for winning one of The Outstanding Building of the Year® (TOBY) Awards is about ”leveraging the most up to date technologies available in the marketplace and improving the overall experience of the tenants – whether that is having state of the art remotely monitored cameras, or a best in class visitor management system – it’s all about keeping tenants safe and maintaining the overall value of the asset,” explained Todd Anderson, a 2016 TOBY judge and Senior Property Manager for Vornado/Charles E. Smith.

TOBY Awards’ mission is to recognize “excellence in building management, operational efficiency, tenant retention, emergency planning and community impact.” Buildings are judged on everything from community involvement and site management to security and “green” policies via a rigorous points system. Security and Access Control fall under ‘Property Operational Procedures’ and are combined with HVAC/Energy Monitoring/Mechanical and Environmental/Regulatory/Sustainability criteria for 33.3% of the total score.

For this year’s winners, both Nationally and Regionally, they had to demonstrate state of the art security systems alongside well-conceived policies and procedures designed to protect the safety of the building and all the people who go to work there every day. We are proud of our customers who, this year, stood out as outstanding buildings and are thrilled to have played a role in their outstanding security. Congratulations. You deserve the recognition.

* Winner of a National TOBY Award
+ Kastle only secures a tenant or monitors for fire & life safety

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