Security as an Amenity

Decades ago, lobbies were afterthoughts in the commercial real estate industry – small, plain, and an administrative pit stop before getting on with business. Today, commercial lobbies boast social spaces, vendor sites, elaborate finishes, and other amenities in addition to the essential functions of a reception area. The modern concept of buildings delivering a great first impression has raised the expectation of what tenants and visitors to a premium property expect – all while adhering to ever-tightening security policies.

Paul Warner, West Coast general manager at Kastle Systems, proposes the latest wave in commercial property: Security as an amenity. Today’s intelligent, cloud-based managed security systems can double as the central nervous system of your building, Paul says. Vital security measures and audit functionality provide rich information that can enable a suite of modern, personalized amenities that will appeal to the most demanding tenants and guests in your office space.

Here are a few ways that security-enabled features can raise a property’s profile today and beyond:

Smart elevator dispatchers

streamline the day for busy executives. The latest integration with security protocols makes elevators safer and more efficient than ever before. Mobile credentials and e-registration can specify to which floors a user has access, aggregate information to identify likely destinations during the day, and optimize across elevator cars to expedite transportation, saving precious time for everyone.

Modernized parking

vastly improves garage traffic and efficiency by leveraging mobile technologies to securely eliminate cumbersome ticketing processes. Parking spots can be dynamically pre-assigned as they fill up or empty out, directing cars to where they need to go and thereby reducing frustrating search times.

Occupancy intelligence

unleashes crowd-sourced information to redefine the daily office experience. Secured areas such as fitness centers and common conference rooms can count occupants and deliver vacancy information cleanly to workers – no more running around looking for open work space or wondering if the gym is over-crowded.

Enhanced connectivity

enables building management to meet the ever-increasing demands of responsiveness to tenants’ visitor needs. Pre-registration of visitors means managers are better prepared to serve varying demands, and deliver a great first impression to drive peoples’ desire to return to the property.When buildings implement an intelligent managed security system, these end-to-end services are made possible.

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