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Our analysis shows the most popular live cam locations and feeds in the top 50 cities in the United States. Where are you being watched? H1: Surveilling Cities in the US
This checklist serves to point out various aspects of managing a secure access control system for a bulding and what property managers may need to consider.
This article explores some challenges faced by campus securityofficers and describes recent technological advances tomitigate those challenges.
RMR is the Holy Grail for security integrators and managed access control is a good way to get it. But many are unsure how to go about it. Here experts offer sage advice and real-world experience.
Survey from Campus Safety Magazine shows that more and more schools rely on video surveillance technology to improve campus security and efficiency.
Leveraging KastleVideo technology to enhance business efficiencies.
Managed Security Services. Does your security solution truly protect your facility and what’s inside?
Commercial tenants today expect a reasonable level of security that goes beyond traditional building cameras and card readers.
When it comes to physical security management, law firms have a choice. They can run their security systems themselves, or they can outsource the duties and responsibilities to an expert security provider. 
The great multifamily amenity wars have moved beyond hard surfaces, stainless steel appliances and wood floors to focus on the resident experience.