One Innovative Security Solution for Four Separate Office Buildings


VCollective deploys KastlePresence, KastleVideo and KastleFrontOffice in newly acquired West Loop commercial properties, creating a sense of community that’s attractive to current and new tenants.

After purchasing four loft office buildings containing over 500,000 square feet within two blocks of each other in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, investment and advisory firm Crayton Advisors created a pioneering brand strategy, known as the VCollective, to retain tenants, attract new ones and drive lifestyle. This strategy included “amenitizing” the buildings with shared, cutting-edge technology to foster a sense of community for tenants. Getting this project off the ground, however, has proven to be an ambitious challenge for VCollective, especially considering its comprehensive scope.

Implement multiple security amenities — including keyless entry, video surveillance and efficient visitor management — seamlessly across multiple buildings.

Create a customized operation using multiple Kastle Systems solutions, all managed by Kastle’s award-winning infrastructure.

A key component of VCollective’s multifaceted security system is KastlePresence, a hands-free approach to security enabling workers to use the Bluetooth technology in their smartphones — instead of badges or keys — to access not just their own office building but also the other three buildings and their amenities. Security for all four buildings is further enhanced by KastleVideo (cloud-based video surveillance) and KastleFrontOffice (an innovative visitor management platform).

Many companies, both large and small, are making the move to shared offices thanks to the popularity of WeWork and other co-working chains. VCollective sought to attract vibrant firms by creating a cool, amenity rich, collaborative vibe within its four existing West Loop buildings and additional buildings coming online in the next six months. “Our goal is to foster a strong sense of community among our tenants,” said Gregory McGovern, Vice President of VCollective. “We wanted easy access to all locations, mass notifications to alert our workers of social events or important announcements and other smart security amenities to improve the office experience.” With this Boutique Office Lifestyle focus, the firm set out to find a security partner to make this dream a reality.

Many vendors were involved in the bidding process, but VCollective ultimately selected Kastle because of its state-of-the-art technology, superior customer service, and a full support team in the Chicago area that could respond immediately to issues.

“Kastle was the only provider that we were convinced could deliver a complete managed security service and meet all our needs,” said Gregory McGovern, Vice President of VCollective.

Of course, the biggest value Kastle brings to VCollective and its tenants is security. Employing security staff for each of the four buildings is an enormous expense, but KastleVideo monitors all activity in all locations 24×7, while still saving VCollective significant money, time, and valuable resources. Mobile security access has added an ease of movement and an extra layer of security to the community. And, KastlePresence gives individual workers additional peace of mind thanks to a virtual panic button in the app that can alert responders to any threat or sign of duress, showing who is in trouble and exactly where they are in the building. Plans for a new active shooter feature, which would allow management to turn an individual alert into a mass safety notification for all workers, are in the plan as well.

The Kastle security system has increased satisfaction among workers, too, because there’s a wow factor inherent in using this cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology. Take, for example, the innovative visitor management experience. Through integration with Gmail and Microsoft Office, KastleFrontOffice allows workers to first preauthorize a visitor and then assign and share a unique two-dimensional (2D) barcode, allowing them entry into the facility during the designated time.

Visitors can get into the building immediately, avoiding the cold or rain, and the tenant is notified that their guest has arrived – either via email or text. It’s simple, it’s streamlined, and it’s convenient for workers and their visitors.

The amenities of Kastle’s security solution have added tremendous value to VCollective’s West Loop properties, but it’s the overall impact of investing in a stateof- the-art security system that has really elevated the office experience. “It proves to our tenants that not only have we thought of everything when it comes to their safety and convenience, we also want them to have a really cool experience when they’re at work,” said Gregory McGovern, Vice President of VCollective.

Kastle Systems has been a leader in the security industry for more than 45 years with new technologies, advanced security solutions, and superior customer service. Named the 2015 Systems Integrator of the Year for outstanding innovation and customer experience by SDM, the industry’s leading trade publication, Kastle Systems operates and manages security systems for its clients at over 10,000 locations nationwide. Kastle Systems’ innovative managed security services significantly reduce costs and improve the critically important performance of security systems for building owners, developers, and tenants. According to the 2016 SDM 100 Report, Kastle Systems is the 16th largest security company in the United States with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Miami, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

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