Office Move Checklist

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Preparing to move your office or business can be a challenge for anyone; the key to success is preparation. Break the complex process down into manageable parts or stages. Use this office move checklist as a guide to keep you organized and on track.

1. Project Development and Space SelectionAccess Control Technologies

  • Move timeline and project schedule
  • Employee census and occupancy review
  • Site survey and facility review of current and proposed locations
  • Desired square footage needed at new location
  • Floor plan for new space that identifi es work stations, equipment centers, offi ces, conference room needs, fi xtures, and other support spaces
  • Architect for new construction, upgrades and/or buildouts
  • Office relocation budget

2. Technology

  • IT infrastructure assessment of current and proposed locations
  • Inventory of all technology assets
  • Evaluation of current cabling and network via industry best practices
  • Evaluation of technology upgrades for potential project consolidation
  • Inventory of critical business and support applications
  • Evaluation of network downtime options versus redundant hardware and applications during cut over
  • Desktop relocation support strategy and resources
  • Evaluation of power, AC, ventilation, network and equipment positioning requirements

3. Furniture Selection

  • Furniture selection criteria and specifi cations
  • Comprehensive furniture inventory
  • Evaluation of furniture options:
    • Reuse existing furniture
    • Repurpose existing furniture
    • Purchase new furniture
    • Purchase refurbished options
    • Sell/decommission old furniture

4. Telecom

  • Evaluation of phone system: order new or relocate existing
  • Phone numbers: order new or transfer existing through carrier
  • Data services: order new or transfer existing (POTS, T-1, ISDN, DSL)

5. Security

  • Complete all of the below items – or simply contact Kastle!
    • Create a master employee roster and access levels
    • List specialty areas that require restricted access
    • List areas that require enhanced fire suppression
    • Research monitoring services for employees and new facility
    • Security system: select or transfer existing services
    • Create a security plan for vacated space until turnover

6. Move Prep

  • Select department move coordinators
  • Identify building restrictions for move hours
  • Schedule elevator access at origin and destination
  • Schedule parking and unloading at new site
  • Obtain any special moving and/or parking permits
  • IT staff onsite during the disconnect and reconnect of servers and data centers or consider outside support
  • Arrange to have sensitive items packed and moved
    • Computers
    • Telephone equipment
    • Networking equipment and servers
  • Seating assignments at new location
  • Packing needs for employees
  • Common area packing requirements
  • Plan for protection of confidential information
  • Packing schedule: determine what can be packed in advance vs. last minute so your business can continue to operate as efficiently as possible with the least amount of interruption Communicate packing/labeling guidelines – professional movers will provide custom packing instructions and labels
  • Packing supplies: ask your mover about crate rental vs. corrugated material – saves time, money and is better for the environment
  • Ensure boxes or containers are properly packed and labeled with office location or name, importance, and contents
  • Protection of floors, walls and elevators


To learn more about Kastle’s approach to managed security for moves, simply contact us at [email protected].

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