Managed Security Services Offer More Convenience

The advent of cloud technology has changed existing business models in many sectors, including in the security industry. Software as a service is a common model now for both private and enterprise users. Companies can set up online stores using Amazon Web Services or manage their sales pipeline and customer relationships using Salesforce as well as other services.

In the security sphere, the common offerings are video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) or access control as a service (ACaaS).

Using cloud technology, users can connect cameras or doors from different sites directly to the cloud, sparing the need for on-site recorders or other equipment. In addition, the cloud offers the ability to store data from different locations in one place and have that information accessed and shared in a centralized fashion.

The major benefit managed services bring is flexibility in infrastructure and finance. Opting for a managed service offers end users flexibility in scaling their systems, either expanding or downsizing according to the business needs. From a financial perspective, it also offers the possibility of spreading the associated costs over time instead of paying a large sum upfront.

Managed services also give users the chance to get better features and technological capabilities, for example video analytics or features previously available only in high-end video management systems that might be out of the financial reach of smaller players.

The cost saving is not only for the end user but also on the vendor side. Apart from the initial installation, vendors also centralize their operations and can achieve efficiencies in management and maintenance, reducing the need for site visits and giving them the ability to upgrade systems in a centralized manner and address problems faster.

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