Kastle Systems launches advanced visitor processing system – Visitor Link


Kastle Systems, the international provider of security solutions for building owners and tenants, has launched Visitor Link, the most advanced visitor processing and lobby management system available to commercial building owners and tenants in the marketplace today, according to Steven Rindnero, executive vice president, marketing and corporate development.

With VisitorLink, tenants and building managers can pre-authorize clients and guests via the Internet. Visitors can check in at a self-service kiosk, thereby avoiding long lines and delays commonly associated with security registration.

“As building owners and managers have stepped up security in their lobbies, Kastle Systems has accordingly enhanced and streamlined visitor registration,” said Rindner. “The Visitor Link system promotes building safety and security where people notice it most: the building’s welcome area. The system provides building management with a real time record of authorization and admittance. It’s easier for tenants to authorize guests, and it expedites visitor check-in.”

Visitor Link kiosks in building lobbies connect via the Internet to a secure centralized Kastle database. Once a building guest is pre-authorized by a tenant or building management, the kiosk system will register and verify guests simply by scanning their driver’s license or credit card. In a matter of seconds, the kiosk will print an identification badge for the registered guest that interfaces with building access controls to unlock turnstiles, doors and elevators.

The real-time web-based reporting ability of Visitor Link allows users to account for all guests in building and tenant spaces. The database also generates comprehensive reports for tenants and building owners with up-to-the-minute tracking of visitor traffic – it eliminates the need for manual paper registration procedures, filing, and storage for guards and administrative staff.

Rindner said, “Building owners and tenants using Visitor Link are able to manage traffic flow and security in building lobby areas efficiently. Effective lobby management increases tenant confidence in building security. By reducing registration lines and pedestrian bottlenecks, a more comfortable environment for guests, tenants, and building personnel is created.”

Kastle Systems is the established leader in building security, providing comprehensive, cost-effective long term security solutions to building owners and tenants in the U.S. and Australia. With more than 1,700 properties and 33 years of experience creating security system solutions for the real estate industry, Kastle is the only company to provide ongoing systems management inclusive of initial system design/installation, operations, administration, programming, upgrades and maintenance over the lifetime of the system.

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