Kastle Systems: First Outsourced Security Provider To Offer HSPD-12 Compliance For Smart Cards And Access Control To All Government Agencies And Tenants


ARLINGTON, VA.- Kastle Systems, the leading provider of outsourced security to commercial office buildings, announces a unique offering built to be in total compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12)*. Kastle is the first outsourced security provider to bring to market this government smart card program. The directive mandates a common identification standard, utilizing smart card technology, for all federal government employees and contractors by the end of 2008

Based on a high client demand and a positive response for the offering, Kastle recognizes that migration to the new government identification is a complex process, especially when it comes to access control integration. That’s why Kastle has made the process of integration seamless and easy for its clients. Unlike other access control providers whose systems are not compatible, Kastle has designed a platform that will allow its clients to upgrade their existing system to support HSPD-12. Not only are Kastle’s 275 government clients supported through a straightforward migration, but an offering has been established to assist the 5.7 million government employees and contractors, the majority of whom live and work in the metropolitan D.C. area, in quickly adhering to the standard that has been set for them.

“The market needs 5.7 million solutions by the end the year. The technology that enables this, the process that makes it easy and the extensive coverage of Kastle means that we are uniquely positioned to help them quickly comply with this mandate.” said Brian Eckert, Executive Vice President of Kastle Systems.

Kastle upgrades its clients simply by converting existing card readers to readers that are designed to accept government compliant ‘personal identity verification’ (PIV) cards, and by making upgrades to the system on-site to satisfy government requirements. The PIV card stores a cardholder photograph, cryptographic keys, biometric data and the cardholder unique identifier. Kastle offers a multi-technology card reader to accept multiple types of proximity card formats as well as PIV cards. Unlike other multi-format systems, once their technology is installed, no upgrades are required as new formats are introduced.

Kastle also provides an enrollment service to make it easier. With this service, they provide onsite staff to handle the process of enrolling the cards into the security system. Additionally, they provide an enrollment reader that streamlines the process.

In addition to assisting Government agencies and tenants with adhering with the mandate, Kastle’s new offering reduces communications costs through conversion to internet connection, streamlines management of card access levels and increases the event processing speed

If your organization does not have a Kastle system, now is the time to determine if replacement of your non-compliant system is necessary. As part of its service, Kastle offers a no cost assessment, during which an experienced consultant will determine the steps required for replacing or upgrading your existing system to support HSPD-12.

Please contact a Kastle consultant to discuss these alternatives and to make the changes necessitated by HSPD-12.

*Learn more about HSPD-12 here


Kastle Systems has been leading the industry for more than 35 years with new technologies and advanced security solutions. Kastle sets the standard for the design, installation, operation, and management of building and office security systems. Their products and services are offered on the GSA Supply Schedule.

Kastle is the only company that operates and manages security systems for its clients offsite, around-the-clock. Currently, Kastle successfully protects more than 1,800 properties with over 37,000 tenant spaces, for a total of 316 million square feet of office space nationwide and internationally.

Kastle’s innovative outsourced security services significantly reduce costs and improve the critically important, 24/7 performance of security systems for building owners, developers, and tenants.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Kastle Systems has offices in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and Sydney, Australia. To learn more about Kastle’s security solutions, visit the Kastle website.

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