Managed Security Services Leader Kastle Systems Pioneers First Fully Touchless Commercial Office Building Security System in Atlanta

(Washington, D.C.) March 31, 2021 – Kastle Systems today announced the groundbreaking installation of multiple Kastle protocols and technologies into the iconic Tower Place 100 building in Atlanta, Georgia. Becoming one of the first truly touchless buildings in Atlanta, Tower Place 100 has modernized its security programs to meet the moment of pandemic and post-pandemic safety.

“We are proud to announce this monumental installment of Kastle products in Tower Place 100,” said Haniel Lynn, CEO of Kastle Systems, “Our security and access control technology equips our customers with the tools they need to bolster confidence in safe, healthy spaces.”

The upgrades include the implementation of KastlePresence®, KastleVideo® and KastleVisitor®. Working in concert, each program provides effective, state-of-the-art security. With KastlePresence®, Kastle has integrated touchless destination dispatch elevators with the building’s KONE® elevator control system, allowing for mobile calling of elevators at the lobby kiosk. Additonally, Kastle will convert the doors of the grand lobby to become fully touchless and a summer installation will include touchless readers in the garage.

KastleVideo is a comprehensive remote video platform that helps facilities maintain security while also reducing operating costs through the application of cutting-edge technology. Supported by AI-based video surveillance, KastleVideo’s robust video analytics and live remote guarding services bolster security without increasing staff.

The KastleVisitor feature in Tower Place 100 will include easy pre-authorized visitor check-in with a barcode to show security, streamlined visitor registration with credential management, improved productivity with front-desk access to doors and elevators and enhanced video to identify unwanted or VIP individuals.

“It’s been a fantastic partnership with Kastle,” said Melissa Yuhas, Senior Operations Analyst of Core Property Capital. “The touchless systems are invaluable but it’s not just the security we get from this partnership, but the data and information we can use down the road. We’ve been able to utilize the real time information they provide to drive engagement and sales.”

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