Kastle Makes Enterprise Security’s 2019 Top 10 Physical Security Solution Providers List



Kastle Systems International, the industry leader in managed security solutions and services, has been ranked 6th on the Enterprise Security Top 10 Physical Security Solution Provider List for 2019, an annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing physical security solutions and transforming businesses.To help find the best solutions providers for this list, a distinguished panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with Enterprise Security Magazine editorial board has assessed these companies offering ground-breaking solutions in physical security.

Enterprise Security magazine follows chief security officers and key decision makers who share innovative solutions and services with their expertise in enterprise that help shape the security landscape. The magazine has helped many enterprise businesses from small to large organizations to optimize their security systems and reduce cost by showing market trends and available solutions and services from leading experts in the field.

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An Integrated Approach to Enterprise Security

Over the last few decades, amid a backdrop of constantly evolving technology and the recent growth of IoT ubiquity, the security landscape has become more complex than ever, leading to the emergence of new security threats in both the physical and IT domains. Today companies face contradicting challenges. On one end there is a strong desire to leverage the openness of IoT for making physical access controls an easier user experience across technology platforms and enterprise locations. On the other end, guarding against the potential risks associated with “gaps” that may arise between the interconnections of so many open-source devices within a security system that is integrated across the physical and cyber domains is also critical. Facing this challenge, CIOs are tasking physical security providers to meet the most robust cyber security compliance standards to combat these threats, which require solid technological expertise to keep pace in this age of IoT expansion.

This is where Kastle Systems, a rapidly growing national security firm headquartered in Washington DC, is making its mark in the industry. By offering a comprehensive approach to managed security, the company is enabling enterprise CIOs to take advantage of the latest technology developments without having to become security experts themselves. “When it comes to protecting an organization, physical security is often overlooked in the debate over cybersecurity,” states Mohammad Soleimani, CTO of the company. “To that end, by improving the critically important, 24/7 performance of security systems, our comprehensive security solutions ensure complete enterprise protection, operational reliability, and business continuity.” For over 47 years now, the firm has been offering innovative security services that include cloud-based access for their video surveillance cameras and access control systems, visitor management, and fire and life safety in a single solution.

As opposed to most security solution providers that focus on single components of the ‘service chain’—selling hardware or providing guard monitoring services—Kastle Systems brings a unique approach to the table. The company offers security as a ‘turnkey’ continuous service that spans initial design, system selection, and installation through ongoing monitoring, software updates, maintenance, and repairs. “All of these factors together play a huge part in our clients choosing us as their physical security provider—they value our managed security,” notes Soleimani. The company also strives to stay on the cutting-edge of physical security technology by embracing open standards like Open Supervised Device Protocol while striving for best-in-class cyber security compliance standards.

Kastle Systems has taken a leadership position within the security industry to adopt, apply, and promote a standards-based security solution. Working as part of the industry’s own Physical Security Interoperability Alliance, Kastle Systems has assisted the industry to define new specifications that allow devices, services, and systems to easily share information and intelligence.

Highlighting the company’s prowess is their success story with a long-term client, a law firm that had multiple offices in different cities, each with its own security system. Every location had a different process and a distinct set of credentials—all of which created a lack of consistency. “They needed a more integrated approach with a consistent experience and process across their portfolio,” explains Soleimani. Kastle Systems partnered with the client to standardize, integrate, and enhance their physical security, including single-credential access to all of their offices, video surveillance, visitor management, and integrated identity management.

Kastle Systems has been leading the security arena, introducing innovations along the way, since its inception in 1972. Going forward, the company will continue to use technology to integrate with pre-existing systems and infrastructure to assist clients in meeting the security standards of today and tomorrow. “Our prime aim is to help our clients realize that when they choose Kastle Systems as their ‘go-to’ provider for security solutions, they are effectively “future-proofing” their security decision,” wraps up Soleimani.

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