Kastle Launches Next-Generation Security At Vornado/Charles E. Smith Properties


Washington D.C.–Kastle Systems has rolled out the industry’s most progressive, security systems technology at Vornado/Charles E. Smith properties in the metro Washington area, featuring the use of IP technology and the integration of remote video monitoring services.

The foundation of Kastle System’s solution is the Kastle IP Platform, which unifies different systems within the building, allowing more information to be collected and correlated for quicker, thorough insight into critical events.  In addition to access control, Kastle’s solution incorporates advances in analytic technology which enables surveillance cameras to be utilized as proactive sensors for real-time detection and deterrence.  For instance, if someone were loitering in an alleyway late at night that would not only be automatically detected but it is also now possible for Kastle to open up an audio channel to speak directly to those persons and then to send the image/video clip to the property manager.  All of these systems, its information and the monitoring of events is manned and supported 24×7 by Kastle experts.

Kastle’s video monitoring service is truly a breakthrough technology for commercial real estate.  Video Surveillance is a common feature in most office buildings, yet in reality it is only used as a passive tool.  “This upgrade provides active monitoring tools that will enable us to anticipate issues before they impact tenant security, safety, or operations.” said Patrick Tyrrell, Chief Operating Officer of Vornado/Charles E. Smith.

“Today most property owners are using disparate building systems throughout their portfolio, including video and access systems.  The systems require multiple resources to administer and manage them, and many of the systems are passive tools, thus reducing security efficiency, effectiveness and awareness.  Kastle’s IP-platform enables the seamless integration of systems and the ability to turn passive tools, such as video, into active solutions.   This, combined with our unique managed service approach, supports Vornado’s commitment to innovation, quality service, and their ability to continually increase efficiencies well into the future.” said Piyush Sodha, CEO, Kastle Systems International.

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