Investing in Managed Security

Modern security hardware and software boast many exciting features, including access control technology, data stored in the cloud, high-definition video with hundreds of cameras, environmental sensors and even predictive analytics. As security systems continue growing in intensity and complexity, how does a property manager or business fully leverage security assets? The answer: investing in managed security services.

Acquiring security equipment is a capital expense that requires vigilant monitoring, routine maintenance and expert understanding to maintain a safe environment. Buying a state-of-the-art system can be a very large investment—retaining expert services on a managed platform to keep that purchase performing at peak functionality is a sound investment strategy. Beyond product features that meet your ever-growing requirements, managed security service providers deliver:

Monitoring 24 x 7 x 365

by experienced operators who can work with your specific needs and company capabilities in overseeing your assets with the latest in threat detection, video surveillance and alarm response technologies. Expert operators help you react appropriately when suspicious patterns emerge, or adjust your system if rule-based alarms are too frequent.

Contingency Management

that fosters business continuity and emergency preparedness. Meticulous planning and understanding how to react in the face of security breaches, natural disasters and other threats helps keep your people, assets and infrastructure safe.

Sophisticated IT Infrastructure

that is constantly adapting to new threats, with redundant monitoring and operations centers that remove the burden of committing in-house resources to administering complex security systems. Cloud computing and remote monitoring are more than just convenience—they are essential to a robust security system that automatically maintains the most current software version available. Online and mobile dashboards give you control of and insights into your property when and where you want it, while qualified technicians are ready to help you when and where you need them.

Tailored Account Management and Customer Services

mean peace of mind that your system performs as it should, and that someone has a deep understanding of your business and a vested interest in your asset’s operations and safety to help implement and maintain best practices.

Well-rounded Perspective

gleaned by partnering with many buildings and companies around the world. Consultants and installers are invaluable in designing the best-in-class requirements, but managed service providers build a long-term relationship with you to make sure your security solutions work reliably. Benefit from global expertise delivered to you locally.

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