How Law Firms Benefit from Managed Security Services

When it comes to physical security management, law firms have a choice. They can run their security systems themselves, or they can outsource the duties and responsibilities to an expert security provider.
For most law firms, it’s vital to leave security in the hands of trusted experts to ensure that both their people and their confidential information is protected 24×7. In fact, 79% of the nation’s top 200 law firms depend on Kastle Systems to manage their physical security.
Physical security for law firms is focused on ensuring that the access to facilities, files and devices are controlled, monitored, and protected around the clock. Few companies operate on a 9-5 schedule and law firms are no exception, with staff regularly working long and unusual hours. Each office must be secure, yet accessible at all hours. This calls for a security system that is managed 24×7, ensuring it is running seamlessly and effectively all day and all night. If you don’t have someone on staff to monitor your system continuously, you are leaving your firm vulnerable.
And what should they be monitoring? Kastle’s trained professionals monitor alarms, propped doors, as well as fire, life safety, and critical systems. Environmental conditions in the server room can also be monitored on a 24×7 basis to prevent damage from high temperatures, humidity, flooding, and power outages. Damage to server rooms can result in the loss of crucial data and client files residing on this equipment.
In addition to continuous monitoring, the best way to protect offices across many locations and ensure that there are no gaps in security is by establishing consistent standards across all offices. This requires a single person to be responsible for ensuring compliance. The best solution in this case is to simplify: create a single, secure database of information across offices maintained by an expert who is responsible for all aspects of the security system. This is managed security at its most effective.
Since law firms often have multiple offices, and legal professionals frequently travel between them, one credential can be programmed to access multiple offices, which reduces credential distribution and tracking. In most cases, that same credential can also be integrated with each building’s access system.
For law firms that choose to run a security system inhouse, it can get complicated and expensive. They must have a redundant, 24×7 operations center for monitoring and business continuity, a team that is knowledgeable about the systems in place, a maintenance partner for equipment repairs and the ability to create and manage a technological infrastructure to support the systems.
The reasons most law firms choose a managed security provider include reduced complexity, increased security, and reduced cost. Here are a few of the additional benefits that Kastle offers firms like yours:
  • A Dedicated 24×7 Team of Professionals
    Day and night, this team can zero in exclusively on security, while the firm focuses on their business at hand. This includes monitoring alarms, propped doors, fire safety issues, and the status of critical systems.
  • High-quality Record Protection for Clients
    These days, security systems must be far more sophisticated than the old-school lock and key. Firms need an integrated method of tracking access to sensitive areas. Access readers should be placed outside file and conference rooms as well as HR offices.
  • Real-time Credential Administration and Reporting
    Access credentials can pose a serious security vulnerability and may need to be revoked within a moment’s notice. Constant, proactive, vital updates to disaster recovery, roll call, and activity tracking reports must be monitored and accessible from any location and always readily available.
  • Visitor Management
    Software like KastleFrontOffice allows firms to preauthorize visitors – and protect their identity if needed, send invites, and maintain tight visitor access control, all directly and easily manageable from Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. This makes for a more positive visitor experience and more comprehensive security for law firms.
  • Video Surveillance Management
    90% of theft is internal; cameras – the more, the better – can deter, prevent and capture incidents and crime. Both employees and clients feel safer with the presence of cameras. With advances in technology, multiplecamera systems across many offices have become more affordable, more efficient and easier to access using a single log in from any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Backup Systems
    Law firms need business continuity, during both minor and extreme emergencies. In the event of a catastrophic occurrence, Kastle’s multiple redundant operating centers can ensure that the firm’s doors will be locked and monitored as always. This means no interruption — the protection will continue as expected.
As a managed security provider, Kastle handles everything from A to Z: design, installation, monitoring, maintenance, and timely upgrades.
Note that the security decision does not have to be made all at once. The transitioning process to managed security can be done in phases as leases expire, renewals come up and tenant improvement dollars become available. Security elements such as video cameras can be added to existing access systems and, in many cases, existing infrastructure and hardware can be reused to reduce cost.

What’s more, Kastle can provide your firm with a complementary, no obligation security assessments. Simply email [email protected] to get started.

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