Extend Convenience and Security to Your Interior Doors

Here’s a question you may have asked yourself: The doors at the perimeter of your facility use electronic access control technology, so why do your interior doors still require a metal key?

The Answer

The complexity and cost of electronic access installation for secondary doors simply outweighed the benefits. But that’s changing.Kastle has partnered with Allegion/Schalge to provide wireless locks to building interiors. This means you’ll have the opportunity to extend the reach of your existing electronic access control to the secondary doors in your facilities, improving security to spaces like H.R. offices, equipment storage closets, executive suites, restrooms, IT rooms, and more. Using wireless and Bluetooth Low Energy technology, these locks are all fully integrated with your current Kastle system and cost roughly the same as the traditional lock and key.So, how can wireless locks on interior doors enhance your security? Well, for one thing, security is infinitely easier to manage. Not only do you have control over who has access to these rooms, but you also have the ability to generate reports showing the identity of each and every person who accesses the space.Another benefit: The technology gives you the ability to manage access in real time. Say, for example, you are a CEO of a company, and while traveling for business you realize you need access to a file—but it’s locked in your office. You can simply credential one of your employees to access the lock and obtain the file, and then revoke his or her access once it’s delivered.And here’s one of the best features of the wireless lock solution: It’s future proof, which means that as Kastle’s access technology evolves—from a physical card-based to smart phone based operation—you’ll be able to easily upgrade because the technology is built right in. It’s worth it knowing that you won’t have to start all over with a new system down the road.

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