Kastle: Built for Keeps – Security Sales & Integration Feature

For a company whose name conjures visions of yore, its founder sure had a vision of the future. Under new rule the past 10 years, find out how Kastle Systems is leveraging its armory of managed security services to push its riches beyond $100 million. By Erin Harrington  Learn More

The Answer to Integrated Access & Identity Management

The era of integrated identity management is upon us,” states Piyush Sodha, CEO of Kastle Systems, a leader in managed electronic security systems.  Learn More

Winter Weather Worries: 6 Steps to a Safer Workplace

As temperatures drop, security concerns rise. Have you checked to make sure your building is ready for winter weather? Follow these 6 steps to be prepared!  Learn More

Your Role in Security

Many thefts and crimes against persons occur during regular business hours and are usually perpetrated under the pretext of legitimate business.  Learn More

Active Shooter Preparedness Guide

Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Learn how to be prepared and create a plan with our active shooter preparedness guide.  Learn More

Summer Clean Up for Schools

Having a good physical security infrastructure in place—access control, video surveillance, security teams, etc.—is important for the safety and security of your school.  Learn More

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