Behringer Harvard Improves Efficiencies With Fast Implementation

Behringer Harvard utilized guards to secure two multi-story office buildings in downtown Atlanta. In an effort to improve operational efficiencies, the company looked to technology to enhance security for their tenants. After reviewing a variety of options, Behringer Harvard chose Kastle System’s Remote Video Monitoring for the job. “We quickly saw the value in the Kastle solution,” states Judith Sponsel, Regional Portfolio Director at Behringer Harvard. “It blends new technology with our existing security manpower, providing our staff with a much higher level of situational awareness throughout the property.”

Working closely with the staff at Behringer Harvard, Kastle Systems surveyed the two buildings reviewing detailed security requirements and procedures for each section of the property. As is often the case in large facilities, different rules apply to different areas of the building. For example, a hallway might have security policies prohibiting loitering after hours while a lobby might have altogether different policies. “Kastle succeeded in understanding what we were trying to achieve and quickly tailored their solution to meet our needs,” says Sponsel. “The time they spent with our staff really demonstrated that they were our security partners, not just providers.”

Kastle Systems installed its Remote Video Monitoring solution on 16 cameras throughout the two buildings. The solution utilizes smart analytics, programmed to monitor the security policies specified by Behringer Harvard. When a security rule is breached, the system immediately detects the violation and notifies a security expert at the Kastle Operations Center. This operator then follows the enforcement procedures established by the two companies, such as notifying staff on site, or contacting authorities. Employing a special feature of the solution, Behringer Harvard also utilizes remote viewing of video, allowing its off-site staff to easily access live video of the property.

By implementing Kastle System’s Remote Video Monitoring solution, Behringer Harvard has indeed achieved its goal of improving efficiencies. The optimization of on-site security staff has enabled the company to realize a five year net savings of 8 cents per square foot. Equally impressive is the fact that the solution was designed, installed and operational in under a month. Sponsel adds, “Kastle’s solution has made us more efficient and done so in such a minimally disruptive manner. But most importantly, it has done what was promised – enhanced security for our tenants.”

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