A Multibillion-Dollar Opportunity: Virus-Proofing the New Office

Kastle Systems and our KastleSafeSpaces coronavirus screening access control and management solution was featured in the New York Times June 23, 2020 issue showcasing the work of Kastle and other leading-edge companies pressing to figure out how to safely reopen workplaces across the nation.

American firms nationwide, both building operators and workplace tenants, are racing to comply with public health guidelines on issues like employee screening and social distancing. In the United States, the market for contact-tracing technologies for employers could soon be worth $4 billion annually, according to estimates from International Data Corporation, a market research firm.

The article features the functionality of a key component of the system, KastlePresence®, the touchless mobile access credential and app that not only enables hands-free door opening, but also prompts employees to fill out a health screening questionnaire which the app administers ahead of time to monitor health status before they get to the workplace. If they are not showing symptoms of infection, or been in contact with infected individuals, their access rights are activated to enter the workplace. Those who cannot be deemed healthy because they are showing symptoms or recently tested positive for coronavirus may go on a kind of no-fly list and find that doors will automatically stay closed for them.

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