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4 Ways Kastle’s Video Guarding Solution Adds Value to Your Business

If you own or operate a construction site, you know that investing in a trusted security system to protect against costly theft, vandalism and liability after hours is critical. But some solutions do more than provide site protection. In fact, Kastle’s construction site security solution — MobileSentry — helps businesses manage sites in multiple ways including:

Prevent Theft and Vandalism
Kastle’s MobileSentry is a video surveillance system that constantly monitors every action on your job site. It automatically detects trespassers after hours and streams video to Kastle’s 24×7 monitoring center where operators can issue a live audio challenge to trespassers as well as notify local police. “It’s an effective deterrent because intruders realize that someone is, in fact, watching the site,” said Dave Fisher, General Manager for Kastle’s Outdoor Video Solutions.

Perform Remote Video Audits
In addition to providing site protection, MobileSentry also permits you to access video remotely 24×7 from any device, making operations easier, cutting down on after-hours headaches, and allowing you to monitor the progress of your project. This means you can perform safety audits or check on subcontractor activities without having to physically be there. “It enables you to put eyes on the property from wherever you are,” Fisher said.

Deployed Easily in Any Environment
The MobileSentry solution is convenient and costeffective for those that need temporary security at their site. It’s designed to be portable and literally installs in a couple of hours. There is even a solar-powered model for installations without a direct power connection.

If you think your construction site could benefit from leasing a video guarding system, contact [email protected] or visit www.videoguarding.com for more information.

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