5 Security Considerations When Moving

As your office move gets closer, there are many things to research and understand. Kastle Systems has 45 years of experience in office security and has developed 5 security considerations that you will want to know as you prepare to move.
Will You Use the Building’s Security Vendor, or an Alternative One?
Most buildings have some sort of security in place in the base building including the lobby and public areas such as the elevators and staircases. However, the security of individual offices or suites is the responsibility of the tenant occupying the space. Most buildings allow tenants to select their own security vendor but will likely give the option to use their vendor. Whichever route you choose, it’s important to vet each option carefully to ensure that your specific security needs are met. You’ll want to consider options for access control, video surveillance and visitor management.
What Is the Security Plan for Vacated Space Until Turnover?
During a move, you should ensure that you have security in place for both the old and new spaces. Moves tend to be chaotic and having proper access control and video surveillance in place during the move at both locations will ensure that nothing goes missing during the transition.
Will You Use Cards, Fobs or Mobile Credentials to Access Your Space?
Security is constantly evolving and new innovations are making spaces safer, smarter and more convenient than ever. It may have been a while since you looked at your security system; moving offices presents the perfect opportunity to re-assess your security needs and options. For instance, in the past, most companies issued metal keys to their employees. During the last decade, there was a shift to electronic security including Fobs and Key Cards. Another shift has happened in the last two years because of the prevalence of mobile phones: companies are now issuing digital, mobile credentials for greater convenience and enhanced security. Ask your security provider if digital, mobile credentials are an option as they reduce costs for you and increase convenience for your staff.
Should You Include Video Surveillance to Protect Your People and Property?
Video surveillance is becoming more prevalent in office spaces not only for increased security, but also for liability protection and increased operational efficiency. In fact, video surveillance adoption has increased by 200% in the last year alone. Ask your provider about integrating your access control with video surveillance for the most comprehensive solution.
Should You Include a Visitor Management System to Streamline Visitor Processing?
If you have many visitors to your office, you may want to consider implementing a visitor management system to streamline the check-in process. Today, visitor management systems integrate directly with Outlook or Google mail to send barcode invites directly to visitors, allowing them to quickly check in at the lobby and avoid long wait times.

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