5 Must-Have Apartment Amenities

Today’s property developers are adding more amenities than ever to multifamily buildings—and tight, state-of-the-art security is high on the list of priorities. The technology-rich solutions offered by a managed security provider not only make life safer—but easier, too—for residents and property managers alike. Here are five security amenities that can attract and engage residents, as well as potentially generate higher rents, according to Marc Silverman, the regional director of multifamily at Kastle Systems.

Keyless Entry: Whether it’s from the garage to the lobby, the elevator to the roof deck, or the fitness room to the apartment unit, using access cards, fobs or photo ID mobile credentials for entry—instead of a traditional mechanical lock and key—is a convenience residents have come to expect and appreciate.

Safer Spaces: The move away from metal keys to electronic security makes residents feel safer than ever. That’s because cloud-based electronic security systems allow property managers to monitor multiple sites from one location, instantly grant or revoke access to residents who are moving, remotely assist residents who’ve been locked out, and gain general visibility of who is accessing the building. If, for example, a bike is stolen, a property manager can easily view the credentials report, or do a quick video search, to see who accessed the bike storage room at that time.

Convenience at Your Fingertips: Electronic security solutions provide data-driven insights that add an unprecedented level of convenience. Residents can check the availability of gym equipment or book and reserve other building amenities—right from their phone, tablet or laptop. They can also use their phone as a hands-free, photo ID mobile credential.

Peace of Mind: Protection goes beyond building access to security that’s focused on the individual, too. If a resident feels threatened or has an emergency medical issue, they can alert first responders of their exact location with a simple swipe of a virtual panic button.

Ease of Connectivity: Mass notification capabilities instantly connect tenants to each other, and to property managers. Whether it’s a push notification alerting residents of a special promotion or event, or an important emergency message – residents are quickly informed via their mobile phone of the things that matter to them.


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