2021 Top Systems Integrators (TSI) Report Released by SDM

Kastle ranks as seventh on both the list for Top 25 providers by RMR and Top 10 Integrators by Total Revenue.

It’s that time of year when SDM releases their 2021 Top Systems Integrators (TSI) Report that ranks 100 companies by their North American Systems integration revenue. For the 2021 TSI Report, Kastle is proud to be the highest-ranked commercial-only provider. Kastle was ranked seventh on other charts, both the list for “Top 25 Systems Integrators by RMR” and “Top 10 Integrators by Total Revenue.”

For 2021, SDM reports that security systems integration work is in high demand, providing opportunities in traditional systems as well as on fast-growing hosted/managed security solutions. However, Kastle considers itself unlike other system integrators, providing dedicated SaaS across an array of PropTech platforms.

The TSI Report can be found in the “Top Systems Integrators Report 2021: Hitting the Sweet Spot” published in SDM’s July issue which can be read here:


About the SDM Top Systems Integrator Report
The SDM 2021 Top Systems Integrators Report ranks North American companies by their security systems integration revenue. This ranking is based on data provided to or, in a few cases, estimated by SDM. The Report can be found here: https://www.sdmmag.com/2021-TSI-Rankings. TSI 2021 companies are then re-ranked by several other criteria, including largest project by revenue and top 25 by RMR.

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